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The Call of the Wild (1903 cover)

The Call of the Wild – Complete Audiobook

Book: The Call of the Wild
Author: Jack London
Category: Adventure Fiction
Year of Publication: 1903
Status: Public Domain text
Length: 3h11m17s
VO Style: Classic storyteller
Market: Audiobook


Commercial Demo 47 :: Today’s Advice

Spot: ‘Today’s Advice’
Client: Ameriprise Financial
Length: 15 sec.
Word count: 37
Style: Caring, Compassionate
Market: TV, National, Broadcast


Demo: Ultimate VO Survivor, Narration

Item: Body Language
Client: Ultimate VO Survivor (contest entry)
Category: Explainer
Length: 30sec
Word count: 91
Style: Friendly narration
Market: Audiobook


Demo: Ultimate VO Survivor, Commercial

Spot: Mystic Falls
Client: Ultimate VO Survivor (contest entry)
Category: Commercial
Length: 30sec
Word count: 82
Style: announcer, relatable, fun, playful, energetic, youthful, passionate, organic
Market: Radio, Regional, Broadcast


Demo #41: The Devil’s Chessboard (audiobook)

Book: The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise or America’s Secret Government
Author: David Talbot
Length: 4:40
Style: Authoritative narrator
Market: Audiobook