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This blog is about many aspects of voiceover:

  • from business to performance
  • from union jobs to solos
  • from PCs to Macs to iPads
  • from competition to community
  • from microphones to mixers
  • from tips to tricks


I do *NOT* blog (here) about:

  • politics
  • religion

I feel it would be crass and inappropriate for me to use this platform for anything other than VO. Isn’t it nice to take a break from those potentially divisive subjects?

Peter Mosier

Recording On The Road

What do you do if you have to make a recording while away from your pristine home studio, your condenser mic, your recording device, and your perfectly setup DAW? I was recently faced with this dilemma. Here is what I did. But first, here is why it happened. Audition Approved,

Peter Mosier

Getting Started in VO? Start With Product Quality

Before you start spending your precious business capital on mics, pre-amps, audio interfaces, computers, DAW software, or DAW plug-ins, spend your even more precious time working on your recording booth/environment.