Character Demo #32 :: Mr. Whiskey Whiskers: felis catus (*NOT* a BBC Life documentary about a domestic cat)

Mr. Whiskey Whiskers: felis catus
(*NOT* a BBC Life documentary about a domestic cat)
Length: 6:46
Word count: 555
Style: Cartoonish David Attenborough
Market: YouTube (short)

I was inspired to write/record/edit/produce this short by the fickle behaviour of one of my pet cats, the incomparable Whiskey Whiskers. It is a fun parody, but everything in the video is true. It really was -34℃ on that day, and Whiskey really did ask to go out into the back yard repeatedly, only to change his mind as soon as the door was open. In case you are wondering, only dangerously cold temperatures, or rain, will give Whiskey pause; in the absence of those he bolts through the door as soon as it is opened.

Peter Mosier

Peter Mosier

Peter is a professional VO talent with over 25 years of experience in IT, mechanical engineering, industrial automation, management, commercial acting, and modelling. His VO journey began almost 20 years ago, when he worked with a national broadcast service. Later, his repertoire expanded to include numerous VO projects for corporate training and explainer videos. Peter's natural vocal skills and passion for VO fuses with his technical background and management experience. The results are "Creative, Clear, Competent".

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