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More About Audio Compression

Getting into the weeds at Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.

One of my previous posts contained a link to a Youtube video (produced by Waves, maker of many DAW plug-ins). That was a great overview, but if you really want to get into the nitty-gritty, checkout the Wikipedia page on this subject: Dynamic Range Compression (on Wikipedia).

There are dozens of charts and graphs in this article, like this one.

Credit: Wikipedia

At a glance, it explains the difference between “downward compression” (knocking down the loud bits) and “upward compression” (raising up the quiet bits).

More Great Audio Concepts Explainer Graphics

Check out all the graphics posted to Wikimedia Commons by user Iain Fergusson. Amazing!

Peter Mosier

Peter Mosier

Peter is a professional VO talent with over 25 years of experience in IT, mechanical engineering, industrial automation, management, commercial acting, and modelling. His VO journey began almost 20 years ago, when he worked with a national broadcast service. Later, his repertoire expanded to include numerous VO projects for corporate training and explainer videos. Peter's natural vocal skills and passion for VO fuses with his technical background and management experience. The results are "Creative, Clear, Competent".


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