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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Six Rules For Success

1. Trust Yourself 2. Break Some Rules 3. Don't Be Afraid to Fail 4. Ignore the Naysayers 5. Work Like Hell 6. Give Something Back

I’ve been a fan of Arnold since the mid 1980s, when I was a skinny teen and thirty-something Arnold was successfully changing careers from bodybuilding (in which he was best in the word, many times over) to movie star leading man (in which he became Hollywood’s highest paid actor up to that time).

On a business trip to Graz, Austria in November 2017, I was within striking distance of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum, in Thal, just outside Graz. A short city-to-countryside cab ride later, I was standing outside the very house that Arnold lived in, from childhood until he left Austria to go conquer America.

Open since 2011, the home had been carefully converted into a Museum of Arnold’s life and career. More correctly, careers: bodybuilding champ, movie star, Governor of California.

Arnold: Mr. Olympia
Arnold: T-800 Terminator, Conan, Commando, Predator Killer, etc.
Arnold: California Governor

At one point in the tour, there was a video display showing “Arnold’s 6 Rules for Success”. I shamefacedly admit, I was not familiar with these prior to this, despite my fandom and respect for Arnold.

Arnold’s 6 Rules For Success

Arnold’s 6 Rules are:

1. Trust Yourself
2. Break Some Rules
3. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail
4. Ignore the Naysayers
5. Work Like Hell
6. Give Something Back

There are plenty of these rules for success around; it seems every life coach wanna-be has their own. It would be silly for me to claim that Arnold’s rules are the best or ultimate success rules. No doubt, I find these special, in large part, due to my longtime admiration of Arnold.

I’m also familiar with the logical error “survivorship bias” when it comes to this type of thing, as there are other factors at play. In particular, Arnold possessed the genetic potential for bodybuilding that many people don’t, and no amount of effort will overcome your ultimate genetic potential, in any field of human endeavour. For example: you can train everyday at hockey, and you will improve and find your own level of “personal best”. You may even get to the professional NHL level, but you probably won’t ever be as good as Gretzky — unless, of course, you have the genetic potential for hockey greatness that rivals Gretzky’s.

“Luck” is also a factor in achieving success. However, “LUCK occurs when PREPARATION meats OPPORTUNITY”. You cannot get lucky if you are not prepared. And you’ll never experience “luck” if you don’t go out and hunt those opportunities.

So get prepared, start hunting, and push yourself to find your own personal best, no matter what you do!

Note: this is not exactly the same video I saw at the Arnold Museum, but it is close enough. Enjoy!

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Peter Mosier

Peter is a professional VO talent with over 25 years of experience in IT, mechanical engineering, industrial automation, management, commercial acting, and modelling. His VO journey began almost 20 years ago, when he worked with a national broadcast service. Later, his repertoire expanded to include numerous VO projects for corporate training and explainer videos. Peter's natural vocal skills and passion for VO fuses with his technical background and management experience. The results are "Creative, Clear, Competent".


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